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Earlier this month we had our first Q&A Social Night at The Conservatory Bar. Big thank you to Steve Cosatto, Manager of waste and resource within Cairns Regional Council and also to Amanda Cranston from ABC Far North for being a fantastic MC.
This is the video from the evening, we do have to apologise as we are a volunteer organisation and we currently don't have a videographer amongst us. The visuals could be better however, the sound and the content is very worthwhile listening to. Steve and Amanda covered a variety of relevant topics from how we rate to other regions through to biggest challenges and the container refund scheme. We'd love feedback on the content and also share with us who youd like to hear from in the coming months.
If there are any videographers out there to want to join us please get in touch.
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This is awesome!! Peru's solution to the plastic pollution - what a fabulous and innovative way to reduce plastic pollution. There is absolutely no reason why it can't be done in any other country.

Read the full story here:
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Waste Wise Wednesday! Today we are releasing a piece from our newsletter ‘The Plastic Cup Menace’ by member Owen Waters from FNQ Finance Guy.

‘As a business owner having water at your premises for your staff and or your customers is a good idea and its generally easiest with a water cooler. But do you supply glasses or plastic cups and does it matter? Well let’s look at the pros and cons for both.
An obvious positive for you with plastic cups is the convenience, they don’t need to be cleaned every time, you can just throw them away after use. And then there is the hygiene angle. But what about the cost to the environment and make no mistake plastic cups are absolutely part of the plastic pollution problem. It is estimated that there are 500 million plastic cups used every year and while most would end up in landfill, not the wider environment, that’s not really a good thing. Plastic cups can take anywhere from 70 and 450 to “break up” into micro plastics. Recently scientists have found microplastics in our soil, tap water, bottled water, beer and even in the air we breathe. And there's growing concern about the potential health risks they pose to humans.
So what about using glasses as an alternative. It may be a little less convenient and if not cleaned there could be hygiene issues. Of course this is all relative, just how much effort does it really take to clean a glass? A recent study suggested on average it takes 10 seconds to clean a glass, ok that was me at home today, but in most businesses simply asking staff to clean a glass should not present any real problem. After all most people would use a glass at home rather than a plastic cup. And the real positive for you as a business is the message that you are giving to your staff and customers. And why not shout it out, a simple message on or near the water cooler will do, let them know that glasses are supplied because you as a business want to be part of the solution.
How we live each day matters. We don’t have to engage in grand heroic actions to make a difference, small actions when multiplied can make real change.

Do you really need that plastic cup by your water cooler?
You can also register your cooler as a refill point on and make refills easy!
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5 days ago

Committee For Waste Reduction
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