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9 hours ago

Committee For Waste Reduction

If we keep accepting items like this, they will keep making them.
These items are not reusable, highly unlikely to be recycled and most probably just chucked in the bin where they will end up in landfill or the ocean.
They may make your child happy for 5 minutes but looking after the planet will make them happy for a lifetime and for generations to come.
#choosetorefuseI implore you. Please refuse this absolutely ridiculous trend!

This is a supply vs demand issue. If you turn down these bits of unnecessary plastic, the big supermarkets will stop offering them.

This is an absolute disgrace in the current climate! Why not offer for every $10 spent, we will plant a tree seedling? Put $1 into rewilding a space or helping a homeless person?

Do you know that previous bits of plastic have found their way to remote islands in under a month?

And in Plastic Free July no less.

#boycottthetrend #saynotocoles #saynotowoolworths #votewithyourdollar
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3 days ago

Committee For Waste Reduction

This is one of the biggest reasons REDUCE is at the top of the Waste Hierarchy before Reuse and Recycle! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are nearly halfway through Plastic Free July, how are you doing? Share with us what you have changed and and challenges you have experienced.
Great infographic here by Flora & Fauna 💚🌱
#choosetorefuse #bethechange
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