Waste Wise Business

Make the change and become a Waste Wise Business today!

Becoming a Waste Wise Business is more than just helping the planet. You business can also save money and create a positive change towards a cleaner and heather staff as well as promoting and passing on these benefits and ideas to customers.

The Waste Wise Business pledge:

 As a business owner, I pledge to become a waste-wise business by:

  • Contacting my bin provider to establish a recycling bin service 
  • Setting up ‘bin stations’ (i.e. 1 x bokashi composting bin for food scraps, 1 x general waste bin & 1 x recycling bin side by side) in the public and staff areas of my business
  • Auditing my bins and engaging my staff to identify high volume and single use waste items, particularly single-use plastics.
  • Implementing waste reduction actions for high volume and single use waste items generated by my business.
  • Promoting my waste-wise achievements in-store, online and via the Committee for Waste Reduction.

We make it easy!

Once you have signed up, the online materials provided on the website will help you! We have a resource library that will contain bin audit forms and more to make things easy and simple.

Coming Soon!

We are developing our Waste Wise Business system and will have details soon.

Waste Wise Business Logo

Businesses are able to add our logo and get stickers and other promotional material to show their support.